A desk fit for a Mac



They call it the “OneLessDesk”. They say it will be “the last desk you’ll ever own”. It’s … quite a desk.

Sleek. Silvery. (Unless you buy the white version.) Made out of solid steel, strong enough to hold two 24 inch flat panels side-by-side, cut from raw sheet metal with lasers, baby.

“Built”, they say, “like an American tank.”

And a steal at just $649. I’ll have two. I’m going to melt them down. I could do with a tank.


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29 responses to “A desk fit for a Mac”

  1. Hal says:

    If it’s built like an American tank I would then assume it’s also built in the US.

  2. Dean Putney says:

    Be warned about this sort of thing. It may seem like it’s smooth metal, but it could be painted. If it’s painted it is more likely to develop scratches, and it won’t perfectly match all that slick hardware you’ve got from Apple.

    Just a heads up before you go spending your kid’s birthday money.

  3. Hal says:

    Got a reply from the owner and, yes, everything is US made in Phoenix, AZ.

  4. Sean Peters says:

    Let’s see… hideous, uncomfortable (chair with no back & no arms? Are they kidding?), no room to put anything… this is the last desk I would ever buy, all right.

  5. Parka says:

    That’s an altar, not a table.

  6. HerbalEd says:

    What work world does the manufacturer of this “desk” live in. It may be a nice visual design but it sure as hell ain’t a work design. Where’s the room for my books, stacks of papers, magazines, etc., etc.?????

  7. nate says:

    can anyone say ugly? I can

  8. Darrin says:

    “That’s an altar, not a table.”

    No, no, primitive PC user. I understand how seeing something so amazing as that Mac on a sleek desk could make you, used to those ugly, bulky boxes, think you were looking at something God-like, something more than mortal… but, trust me. It’s a Mac: a computer, just like yours would be, if it was lots, lots better. Lots better.

  9. Peter says:

    If you want to see a desk built for a Mac (15 Macs actually) check this one out.


  10. Peter says:

    If you want to see a desk built for a Mac (15 Macs actually) check this one out.


  11. imajoebob says:

    @Peter; Shouldn’t you have said, “That’s not a desk… Now THAT’S (http://www.peterjsucy.com/Down… a desk!”

    @Dean; It’s likely powder coated – sort of a combination of dry paint and ceramic glaze. and then coated with a clear layer of paint. A nice coat of car wax will protect it. Trying to explain the orbital buffer in your office might be difficult.

    And it’s not a desk. It’s not an altar. It’s a computer table. A very pretty table, but a table. A desk has drawers or at least a workspace.

    It’s a striking design, but without the workspace it’s useful to a select few.

  12. Maarten says:

    I’d rather have something built like an German Tank……
    Meaning it is working as good as it looks

  13. Dave says:

    I like the comment Parka wrote . . .

    It does look like an altar.

  14. Marc says:

    It’s not very ergonomic. In fact, the monitor at that height is likely to increase neck strain.

    Beautiful indeed!

  15. Dean Heckler says:

    The designer here. Thanks for all the solid feedback. Yes, the desk is made in the USA. Phoenix, Arizona to be exact. Yes, it is solid steel with a scratch-resistant powdercoating (not paint) baked on (think motorcycle frames). True, its more of a minimal computer workstation than a “Desk”, hence the name “OneLessDesk”, suggesting that as work becomes increasingly digital, many people no longer need or want a traditional desk with a computer placed on top of it.
    As far as ergonomics and monitor height, the height of the upper deck surface is the traditional 30.5 inches. The height of the keyboard tray is 25.5 inches which falls right in the middle of ergonomic guidelines.
    Sean Peters wrote something about “chair with no back and no arms”. I’m not sure what he means. The picture on this post is only of the desk. I use an Aeron chair with the desk. It’s all very comfortable.
    This workstation was originally designed by me, intended to be custom made and used only by me. So I made sure this thing, for all its good looks, was extremely comfortable to use all day long. Other people saw my desk and demanded one for themselves. 10 months later, they are selling like hotcakes and I receive several emails a week from people who tell me how much they love their OneLessDesk. They only return I’ve had is from one person who said it did not match their decor.
    Thanks again.