Shoot Like a Pro with your iPhone + Giveaway!


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The iPhone is quickly taking the place of the everyday point and shoot camera with their digital zooms and overall lack of features. There’s less and less reason to pick one up when you’ve already got the almighty iPhone – which camera improves with each updated model.

We wanted to see whether it’s possible to replace your DSLR with your iPhone, and with some tips, tricks and useful add-ons, the results are pretty surprising.

I went out on to the city streets armed with my iPhone 5s, battling against a professional photographer Sam Mills and his pricey DSLR, to see how close the iPhone could get to the quality of his professional images. Checkout the video below to learn the basic tips needed to get pro photos. Plus! We’ve got a great giveaway for you and more just below the jump!

Using the tips mentioned in the video above, combine them with one or two extra add-on products such as the mCam Lite to boost the iPhone’s camera potential even further.

Check out the possibilities in the video below:


If you would like to win a Swivl, all you have to do is:-

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The winner will be picked at random on August 14th, at 1PM PDT when we will upload a video to the Cult of Mac Youtube page announcing the winner, so get entering!


  • Jace Kendrick

    I really hope I win the Swivl!

  • Can I get a swivl?

  • Antonio Altamirano

    I wish I’m able to to win it! I just got into photography this past year and I’m loving it!

  • Kevin Kuo

    Comment on which video?

    • Part 2 please Kevin, thanks for watching!

  • Kevin Kuo

    The iPhone will never be able to replace a DSLR. The flexibility and quality of DSLR components is impossible to be used in a iPhone due to the iPhone’s size and form factor.

  • Chris

    Thank you for the chance :)

  • JoéL T.

    Hope i can win the swivl :D

  • whnn

    For me the clear winner is my iPhone because I always have it with me. 100% agree with Rookie, it’s a great Photo Editor.

  • John Beckert

    I’ll take a swivl Please.

  • Azlan Ayy

    Enter me!

  • Andy Kenworthy

    Great videos and tips. I use my phone all the time as it’s always with me and quick to access, edit and share from.

  • Alvin Ngai

    Nice video. If you show us some low-light or night shots comparison between an iPhone and DSLR, it will be much better. Low-light photography is getting better every year on a smartphone, but DSLR shines in this particular aspect. Wouldn’t it get to see how low-light photos on the iPhone stack up against a professional DSLR?

  • JustReboot

    Very informative / I’m liking my iPhone even more than ever :)

  • Greg

    This is absolute none sense. Try the same tests except this time at dusk or night time, or even indoors in a regularly/dimly lit restaurant, bar, or banquet hall. GAME OVER. DSLR wins and it wouldn’t be even REMOTELY close.

    Conclusion: In ideal OUTDOOR lighting situations where the fixed zoom/perspective of the iPhone isn’t a problem, you can take photos that on a computer screen will look competitive. In any other situation you can’t even compare them.

    The iPhone camera is “good enough” for most average uses and for most situations and has the big plus that it is always on you. But anyone wanting to take real pictures for print or to capture valuable memories, you can’t even come close to a DSLR.

  • I’m really digging Rookie. Thanks for the suggestion!

  • Gabriel Misla Nieves

    I never heard of Swivl until this video. Thanks for sharing.

  • lefty22


  • Ronald Gagnon

    Incredible how it stacks up against a real photographer yet adds so many great features

  • Justin Disher

    Sure beats carrying around my bulky DSLR and all the lenses.

  • Andreea Cristi

    Enter me

  • Ste, great video. I know of the kubi robot arm (, $599) that is ideal for holding iPads, but I wasn’t aware of Swivl, so thank you for highlighting it (and I’d love to try out that Swivl!).

  • Edmond Leung

    I subscribed. SOS.
    Help. Pick me, pick me! Your next winner!!! Show me the money!!! It
    would be a dream come true & means more to me than anyone else to
    win. Starving artist here desperately needs
    the Swivl to work
    & eat again. Winner, winnner. Chicken dinner. A life
    changing experience. Top of my bucket list. Thanks for the
    awesomeness, the contest, & generosity. Dear
    Santa: I have been nice. My X-Mas wish this year is to win this contest.