BetterFit tracks your exercise and protein for maximum mass



Here’s a fitness app with an interesting extra feature.

BetterFit lets you keep track of when and how you exercise. You can design custom routines from a giant list of activities or make your own. But it also includes a second tracker that lets you measure how much protein you consume during the day. It has a list of preset food items, or you can input it manually and set daily goals to make sure that you’re feeding your muscles properly.

So if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go stock up on lentils because they’re as delicious and full of protein as they are fun to say.

Source:BetterFit – $1.99 | David Price

  • frankgomezg

    Is not free…$1.99

    • Evan Killham


      I’m on a roll this week. Fixed; thanks!

      • frankgomezg

        And it’s just Tuesday :)

  • Jorge Silva

    Just installed this app and it feels like a beta version. It’s full of bugs… And how come only a few of this fitness apps have timers to count the minutes of pause between exercises?! I want my money back! It looks good though.