Countability reduces your entire life to dots on a graph, if you want



Maybe you’re trying to quit smoking or drinking, or maybe you’re just curious how much coffee you drink or how often you go to the gym. You have to track all that stuff somewhere, and Countability wants to be that place.

You can add anything you want to keep track of and tick them off with just a swipe and a tap. It’ll handle the graphing and numbers for you, and you can look at daily, monthly, and annual numbers.

I haven’t really had that many bikini waxes, by the way. That’s just the number of times I’ve overheard people discussing them in public.

Source:Countability – $0.99 | Bobinair

  • Um… It’s not free. It’s a buck.

    • Evan Killham

      Well, crap. Fixed now.


      • Oh cool! Yea I was bummed. Still might try it though it’s only a buck right?

  • Grunt_at_the_Point

    If I purchase this app does that mean I will become a bean counter?