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V-Moda’s XS, Their Most Stylish, Portable Headphones Yet




Like the (now-defunct) Monster-Beats partnership, V-Moda has been a key player in convincing the casual music afficionado that walking around with goofy-looking cans on your ears was actually a fashion win rather than a faux pas. Naturally, this would have been practically impossible had V-Moda not actually spent what seems like considerable effort crafting a dynamic, sharp look for their headphones.

V-Moda’s newest set, the XS, could probably be considered the successor to their portable, supra-aural M-80s — but with folding cups that V-Moda says dramatically increase portability, and in an effort to improve comfort and aesthetics, design refinements to the headband that attempt to completely eliminate the gap between the band and the user’s head.

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Consistent with V-Moda’s lineup, the XS is made with what the company says is “military-level” quality, the key ingredients of which are a strong steel headband and kevlar-reinforced cables. The XS can also be quickly fitted with the company’s BoomPro boom microphone, making it super-portable gaming/podcast set.

The XS is out now at $200 from Amazon, or $212 in exclusive colors from V-Moda.

Source: V-Moda