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iOS 7.1 May Be The Most Stable Version Of iOS Yet



Do you have a lot of reliability issues with your iPhone or iPad? You might want to make haste to upgrade to iOS 7.1. According to a prominent app monitoring firm, iOS 7.1 is the least crash prone and most stable version of iOS yet.

According to data from app monitoring firm Crittercism, the iOS 7.1 update has a crash rate of only 1.6 percent. That’s pretty good compared to iOS 7.1, iOS 6.1 and iOS 6, which all had crash rates above 2 percent.

Even better, when averaged across the latest major release’s crash rate as a whole, iOS 7 has a total app crash rate of only 2.1 percent, which is significantly lower than iOS 6’s average.

Given what a massive overhaul iOS 7 was, it’s amazing that iOS 7 actually appears to be more reliable than previous versions of iOS. I guess having a detail oriented guy like Jony Ive in charge is paying dividends in unexpected ways.

Source: Recode