These Wooden Accents For The iPhone 5 Are Gorgeously Mid-Century



Everyone at Cult of Mac knows I’m a sucker for wood-paneling all of my gadgets. I wood-paneled my iPhone 4s, my iPhone 5, my iPad, my iPad mini, and even my MacBook Air.

I have to say, though, that as understated as they are, I love Richard Clarkson’s wood-panels for the iPhone 5 most of all. They replace the tiny glass accents on the upper and lower parts of the iPhone 5 with little wood slivers in a variety of accents that looks amazingly understated and lovely.

Currently only available for the iPhone 5, Clarkson’s wooden replacement accents cost $38 a pair. There’s cheaper and easier to apply options, but we love this none the less.

Source: Richard Clarkson

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One response to “These Wooden Accents For The iPhone 5 Are Gorgeously Mid-Century”

  1. Michael J. Steele says:

    So how does one install these? How do you remove the glass portions on the iPhone back panel?

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