These Are The Specs Of Google’s iWatch Competitor



Google has settled on the specs of its first Android-powered smartwatch, and could be preparing to launch it in June… around the same time rumors suggest Apple might announce the iWatch.

According to evleaks, a proven source of insider smartphone information, Google’s first Android-running smartwatch, as made by LG, will boast a 1.65-inch IPS LCD display running at a resolution of 280×280. The processor is unknown, but it will bepowered otherwise by 512MB of RAM, and contain 4GB of internal storage.

That display is interesting. It works out to a pixel per inch of around 239.99, which is more than the iPad Air… but probably not enough to qualify as Retina, since one hold a watch closer to their face than a tablet. Still, it probably can’t pack more pixels, as previous Android smartwatches like the Galaxy Gear have had a hard time holding a charge.

As Techcrunch points out, these specs would but Google’s smartwatch in line, specs-wise, with the Galaxy Gear 2.

There’s no doubt that a Google smartwatch is coming, the only question is when, and if it will beat Apple to the punch. Chances are that Apple will unveil it at their June I/O conference… just around the same time of Apple’s WWDC. Could we see competing Apple and Google smartwatches battling over the Christmas season?

Via: Techcrunch