Pizza Hut Shows How You’ll Design Pizza On Giant iPad Tables Using NFC iPhones



In collaboration with Chaotic Moon Studios, Pizza Hut has unveiled a concept for what it will be like to order a pizza in their stores in the future: on a giant, iPad-like touchscreen table, using an iPhone’s built-in NFC for user identification and payment.

It’s a slick concept. In the video, it shows how you would sit down at a Pizza Hut booth, put your iPhone on the table, and be able to “draw” your pizza on the surface of your table to order it. From there, you could order the pizza, pay with your iPhone, then play games like Angry Birds while you wait.

It looks slick enough, and gives a good example of what an iPhone equipped with NFC could be capable of. I’m not sure this is a more efficient way of ordering a pizza than just telling someone what you want, though. What do you think?

Via: Redmond Pie

  • Daibidh

    You’re not sure?!

  • Anthony Snyder

    It’s not more efficient… plus it costs a LOT of money to implement so it’s likely not going to happen. Plus, technology shouldn’t be taking away jobs from people. People need jobs to stay sane and pay for things.

  • The Gnome

    Pizza Hut is still in business?