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Report: Apple Talks ‘Enhanced Ebooks’ With HarperCollins, Others



If Apple unveils a tablet Jan. 27, publisher HarperCollins may also be in the spotlight, according to a Tuesday report. Apple is talking with HarperCollins and other publishers about making ‘enhanced ebooks’ available on its much-expected and long-rumored tablet device.

Citing anonymous “people familiar with the situation,” the Wall Street Journal reports enhanced ebooks with video, interviews and social-networking connections, could command up to $19.99 per title – far from the $9.99 price for Amazon’s Kindle.

“The HarperCollins negotiations with Apple represent a direct challenge to Amazon,” the report said

Although the WSJ was unable to confirm if the ebooks would be sold through iTunes or a newly-created online marketplace, other reports suggested Apple may offer all iTunes content – video, music and ebooks – to tablet users.

Although the percentage of Apple’s take from such sales hasn’t yet been determined, HarperCollins and other publishers are reserving the e-book versions of some best-sellers until late February.

The report seems to only confirm earlier suggestions of the value of enhanced or “hybrid” content and the various alliances publishers are testing to either welcome or ward-off Apple’s advances.

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