‘Spender: Expenses Only’ Might Shock You Into Saving Money



Spender: Expenses Only — Finance — Free $0.99 [thanks, commenters]

If I want to be reductionist here, money management has two general components: maximizing income and minimizing expenses. For many people, the second part is more difficult because sometimes you really, absolutely need to own that box set of The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.

Spender: Expenses Only is a quick and easy way to itemize and organize your bills, and it even tells you how much you’re spending on average daily. And once you look at your costs in that vacuum and see just how much you’re blowing on Pez and action figures without seeing the income to offset it, you might want to change some things.

Spender – Expenses Only

  • Clifmeister1

    Looks interesting, but the price is now $.99

  • norb

    yeah it’s showing $0.99 now… that’s $361.31 a year if I let myself buy a 99 cent app a day that claimed to be free. I think I’ll save my money.