‘Goalability’ Harnesses The Awesome Power Of Peer Pressure To Keep You On Track



Goalability — Productivity — Free

A lot of people say that if you want to stick to a goal you set, the best thing you can do is tell other what you’re trying to do. If you keep it inside, you’re only accountable to yourself, and guess what? You lie.

Goalability aims to add that missing piece by making your goals public and putting them out where all your Facebook friends can see them and check in on you.

And you can do the same to them because karma is very real, and we are all of us its agents.


  • Will Larche

    What’s with the nav bar?

  • I just published a whole new version. Check it out for yourself in the app store. Let me know if you need promo codes as well.

  • Check it out here and the app store: goalabilityapp.com