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11.8% Of All Macs Are Now Running Mavericks


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In the Apple world, records tend to be exponentially shattered. For example, if it took three hours for WWDC to sell out last year, it’ll probably sell out in three minutes this year. Last year, it took five weeks for OS X Mountain Lion to be installed on more than 10% of all Macs. Guess how long it took this year?

Yup. According to new data released by ad network Chitika, just five days after release, OS X Mavericks is installed on more than 11.8% of all Macs. And the number may be even higher than that.

Of course, the major factor driving this accelerated growth is the first Apple operating system that ships completely free. Peter Oppenheimer confirmed in the latest Apple earnings call that OS X Mavericks would be the first of a series of completely free future OS X upgrades. The fact that no one had to drop $29 on OS X Mavericks probably helped adoption quite a bit.

Source: Chitika