iTunes Radio Not Winning Over The Hearts And Minds Of Pandora Users


Photo: Apple
Photo: Apple

Before iTunes Radio came along, everyone thought it would be the death knell of good old Pandora. But it doesn’t look like Pandora is going anywhere: even those Pandora users who have access to iTunes Radio either don’t use it, or listen to Pandora alongside iTunes Radio.

According to a recent survey of more than 800 iOS device owners, those who use iTunes Radio either have gone back to Pandora exclusively or are using Pandora in conjunction with Apple’s service. Although iTunes Radio compares favorably to Pandora in features, the issue is poor song selection… or, at least, consumer perception of poor song selection.

Here’s how it breaks down. 72% of consumers surveyed were running iOS 7, and 40% of those people had tried iTunes radio. From there, only 8% of those who tried iTunes Radio ditched Pandora in favor of it, while 44% were splitting their listening time equally. The “overall experience” of iTunes Radio is generally considered either positive or very positive for 66% of those surveyed, compared to 78% of those surveyed about Pandora.

The major issue is iTunes Radio doesn’t play songs people want to hear as much as Pandora: a 63% to 72%. “Pandora and iTunes Radio can peacefully coexist and together take tremendous share from broadcast radio,” concludes the report.

Have you tried iTunes Radio? I tried it a few times, then never used it again in favor of Rdio and Rdio’s radio stations. What about you? Let us know in the comments.

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