T-Mobile Now Offering Free Data With A New iPad Air, iPad Mini




According to Apple’s website, T-Mobile is now offering 200MB of free data each month with the purchase of one of the new iPads announced today — the new Retina iPad Mini or the iPad Air. This is in contrast to the three other carriers, which have plans that start at $15 or $20 — though they come with more data.

The free plan won’t give you much. But 200MB is enough to take care of some map downloads onto a mapping app, or to check email or Facebook in a crunch; perfect for someone who isn’t constantly traveling with their iPad.

The biggest advantage is clearly against AT&T’s cheapest iPad data plan, which provides just 50MB more (for a total of 250MB) but charges $15 per month. Sprint’s cheapest plan is at $15 for 1GB, while Verizon charges $20 for 1GB.

Source: Apple Store