Shure Unveils High-End, Carbon-Fiber SRH1540 Headphones




What do high-end bicycles, Formula One race cars and Shure’s pricey new SRH1540 headphones have in common? Yes, they’re all snazzy objects that can boost your coolness factor, and/or might help you get laid (except maybe the bicycle). Also, they’re all made with carbon fiber.

In this case, Shure used carbon fiber to close the back of the SRH1540’s earcups, then attached the cups to an aluminum alloy yoke, which looks identical to the yoke used in Shure’s SRH1840. The cups are fitted with suede-like Alcantara earpads.

The similarity between the close-backed 1540s and the open-backed 1840s doesn’t just end with the exterior. Like the 1840s, the 1540s also employ 40mm neodymium drivers and oxygen-free copper cable.

Shure says the new set has warmer bass than the 1840s, which is what you might expect; open-backed sets are generally described as more accurate but more clinical. Another difference between the two: The new ‘phones are $624, a bit less expensive than the $699 SRH1840s.

Source: Shure