Can’t Afford An iPhone 5s? Buy An iPhone 5s Conversion Kit Instead


Do you want an iPhone 5s, but can’t have one, whether because of Apple’s extreme devices shortages, an unsympathetic carrier who won’t let you upgrade early, or a lack of the dosh? Never fear: the iPhone 5s conversion kit is here!

Conversion kit, you say? Oh yes, yes indeed. Here is the dirty little secret Apple doesn’t want you to know about the iPhone 5s: just by prying your iPhone open with a proprietary pair of pliers and flipping a switch inside, an iPhone 5 will automatically gain the abilities of the iPhone 5s, such as a better camera, a 64-bit processor and a TouchID fingerprint sensor…

Not falling for it? Good. Obviously, there’s no way to “convert” to an iPhone 5s short of buying one. But the conversion kit will, at least, convert your iPhone 5 to the color of a space gray or gold iPhone 5s. It’s essentially just a vinyl sticker you put on your iPhone 5.

The good news is, the conversion kits don’t add bulk to your iPhone, although the colors are slightly off to my eyes. Cleverly, the kit also provides a fix for the most obvious change between the iPhone 5 and 5s: a home button without a rounded square home screen icon on it. The kit also includes a plain colored decal you can put over your home button.

Anyway, we’re not about to go get one of these, but if you’re desperate for the respect of your peers for seeming to own the latest and greatest in tech, an iPhone 5s conversion kit will set you back around $24. How long do you think it will take for someone to start selling old iPhone 5’s at massive markups on eBay wrapped in these?

Source: Mobile Fun