Canary: A Simple, Elegant Home Security System That Works With Your iPhone



How many people do you know that have an expensive home security system that they never turn on? Maybe that person is you. Security systems can cost a lot, and unless you’re protecting a million dollar home or your drug money (or both), most of us don’t need something so fancy.

Canary is a new product that calls itself “the world’s first smart home security device for everyone.”

The cylindrical piece of hardware is equipped with a HD camera, night vision, wide angle lens, microphone, speaker, siren, and infrared motion detector. It also has sensors for things like temperature, air quality, and humidity levels. Using your home Wi-Fi network, Canary beams all of its info to the iPhone app. The concept is great, and it looks beautifully executed.

Push notifications are sent to your iPhone when Canary senses something out of place, which cuts out the middleman that typically exists with most home security systems. You can remotely trigger the device’s siren to warn intruders if you so desire, or just surprise them with a visit from the cops.

Canary has reached more than double its goal on Indiegogo, so you can preorder it now online for $199. There’s no subscription fee, but there will eventually be a premium subscription with more cloud storage for video footage and call-center backup.

Source: Canary