xRec Sneaks Into App Store, Records iPhone Screen Without Jailbreak [Update: Pulled]


xrec 1

Have you ever wished you could record your iPhone’s screen activity? Short of a tool on the Mac like Reflector, it’s hard to capture video of iOS in action. Apple doesn’t allow apps in the App Store that can record video of anything on the screen… until now.

A new app called xRec has managed to slip into the App Store, and it can fully record the iPhone’s screen, including any audio.

The app costs $2, and the interface is actually quite nice. Tap the play icon to record video, and a red bar will be displayed in the iPhone’s status bar until the recording ends. Any audio from other apps can be recorded as well, and there’s even an option to adjust the quality of what you record.


Once a recording is complete, xRec can send the file via Messages, Mail, etc. and other apps like Dropbox. The developer notes that iOS 7 is not supported. After testing it, I can confirm that the app works as advertised, but video recording does indeed not work on iOS 7. It behaves similarly to Display Record, a popular jailbreak tweak that has been around for years.

The app popped on Saturday, and Apple has yet to take it down. (The Dev Center has been serving as a good distraction over the past few days.) It probably won’t be available for long, so grab it now from the App Store before it’s too late!

Update: You snooze, you loose! Apple has pulled xRec from the App Store.

Source: App Store

Image: CNET