iOS 7 Beta 2 Adds Contact Photos & Time Stamps For Messages



Here’s a couple neat new features to Messages in iOS 7 Beta 2: you not only can see contact photos for users in now, you can also see the time that messages were sent.

First, the contact photos. Similarly to the way some jailbreak tweaks add contact photos to Messages threads, iOS 7 Beta 2 adds a little circle with your contact’s photo in the middle every time they respond. It only works in group messaging, presumably to easily allow you to tell who is responding at a glance, which is a little disappointing: superfluous or not, I’d love for this to be rolled out to individual conversations.

Screen Shot 2013-06-24 at 4.14.28 PM

The time stamps are also a new feature. To see the exact time all messages in a thread were sent, simply swipe to the right. Neat!