Things Gets 2.2 Update With Time Zone Support, Faster Cloud Sync, Tons Of Bug Fixes


Screen Shot 2013-04-17 at 5.13.21 PM

Cultured Code has updated its popular to-do app, Things, with several nice improvements and a lot of bug fixes. Moving in and out of different time zones no longer causes a task to show up on the incorrect day. General performance should be much faster for the Mac app in just about every way. Things Cloud Sync, a feature that was introduced last year, has also been made snappier.

Over 50 additional bug fixes have been included in Things 2.2, so you should no longer be seeing random crashes or weird glitches. Things 2.2 is available now on iOS and OS X. The app costs $50 on the Mac, $20 on the iPad, and $10 on the iPhone.

Source: Things Blog