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In A World Of Colorful Plastic iPhone Fashion Accessories, A Black Leather Case That Protects



We’re really stoked to show off this sleek and slim premium leather iPhone case from CaptCase. The all-round magnetically closing case encloses and protects your phone back and front without covering up the earpiece during calls, with a little slot for listening. It also has some other nice features such as a slender back-pocket for stashing in cards and cash, so you can ditch your wallet and travel light. If you are looking for a plain, black, no-nonsense, businesslike leather case for your iPhone, here it is.

The CaptCase all-round iPhone case doubles as a slimline wallet / cardholder for your ID, driver’s license, cash and credit cards.

CaptCase is a sleek, slim, leather iPhone (4, 4S, 5) case from CaptMedia. The company was founded by brothers Christopher and Joseph Davis in Irving, TX in 2012. They had been looking for a slim, minimalist, leather iPhone case but couldn’t find one anywhere — so they decided to make the CaptCase.

Recalled Christopher: “I couldn’t find any iPhone case I liked. All the ones I found were either too thick, expensive, or looked too much like a ladies’ clutch, frankly.” The CaptCase was designed to counter all those issues.

The CaptCase is certainly minimalist. About 1mm thick, it fits snugly onto your iPhone (in two sizes: 4 / 4S and 5) and latches shut with a magnetic flap that fits flush against the phone’s side. It is just black. In shiny fine-grained genuine leather — no logos or anything else on its sleek exterior. On the reverse is a handy little pocket for slotting in credit cards and cash, if you want to leave the wallet or purse at home. It even minimizes jeans bulk!

The CaptCase is really sturdy and looks as though it would protect your phone from random drops onto the pavement.

The case has a fine-quality chocolate-colored microfiber interior with the CaptCase logo subtly de-embossed inside the cover. The CaptCase allows full access to your dock connector, headphone jack, lock button, camera and flash.

Pricing during the Kickstarter will be $30 for the iPhone 4 version and $35 for the iPhone 5 version. After the KS ends, the prices will be $40 and $45, respectively, available on CaptCase website.