Check Out The Shiny New Lockscreen Music Controls In iOS 6.1


iOS 6.0 lockscreen music controls vs. 6.1
iOS 6.0 lockscreen music controls vs. 6.1

Perhaps you’ve been combing through iOS 6.1 on your iOS device looking for the little changes that Apple hasn’t mentioned. A couple of our readers certainly have. One little change is pretty easy to spot: the lockscreen music controls have been redesigned with an aluminum finish.

Now we’re well aware that this tweak came in the first iOS 6.1 developer beta back in November, but for the many of you who just got 6.1 today, this is something totally new.

It’s not groundbreaking, but it’s nice to see that Apple is still interested in making smaller aesthetic changes to iOS on a regular basis.

Thanks: @RazrMann