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“Just One More Thing…” Timeline



With WWDC on the horizon, and keynote fever ramping up, we thought it might be nice to take a stroll down memory lane. The “One More Thing” timeline below covers every Stevenote we could find, focusing on the “Just One More Thing…” product announcement, with video clips for most of them.

Of course if we got anything wrong, or if you have additions, or clips we don’t have, please let us know in the comments, and we’ll get them added — Enjoy!


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66 responses to ““Just One More Thing…” Timeline”

  1. kot says:

    maybe just make the popup screen a bit bigger so we could better see the videos

  2. Ian T says:

    lol thanks for making this!

  3. Marty says:

    Didn’t he also say that when he introduced Safari for Windows?

  4. nak says:

    Several of these are not “one more thing.”

  5. AAPLWatcher says:

    I don’t think MacBook Air was introduced as just one more thing, was it? As I asked in the previous topic last week, I can’t remember the last time Jobs actually did the whole..”oh, and just one more thing” spiel.

  6. Marty says:

    I thought Safari for Windows was introduced as “One More Thing”…

  7. nak says:

    MacBook Air was the only announcement so that can’t be “one more thing.” Leopard wasn’t a one more thing either (it was mentioned about a year prior to release, then Apple slowly let out various details of it up until release time). I also think the PPC to Intel switch was the only thing announced. I thought the iPod was introduced at its own event. And then you have four “one more things” (iPod shuffle, nano, Mac mini, iWork.) Clearly that’s not “one more thing” plus the shuffle and nano were introduced at different times anyway. I could be wrong about this, it’s just what my memory tells me. Might want to fact-check these “one more things.”

  8. leigh says:

    I intentionally took some liberties with “One more Thing” as Steve’s use of that exact phrasing has been somewhat inconsistent.

    The timeline is meant to illustrate the anchor announcement at each of these events. In short: what big, new fancy thing was announced LAST in the Stevenote.

  9. leigh says:

    Also, another example of taking liberties, you’ll note that some of these product announcements didn’t occur during WWDC or a Mac World. For example both the iMac and iPod were announced at events in Cupertino, for which no keynote actually occurred.

  10. nak says:

    I would say private events announcing a product is a “one more thing.” Here’s one (two, three even) more things we couldn’t squeeze in to MW/WWDC.

    SO with your more liberal classification of “one more thing” I would suggest that the iTunes Music Store belongs on this time line, and of course the event detailing iPhone OS 2.0 and iApp store.

  11. JakePT says:

    This is completely wrong. The last 5 were not ‘One More Thing’s, neither were some of them the anchor of the keynote as you say in your excuse. The Mac Pro was NOT the anchor of the Keynote, Leopard was. The Air wasn’t really even the anchor of the keynote, it was evenly spread but you could argue that Movie Rentals was the real star of the show in terms of time devoted.

    You’re also missing the iFund from March which was a ‘One More Thing’.

    Lastly, if this isn’t actually the ‘One More Thing’s and just the focus of the keynotes, then why are you saying “The “One More Thing” timeline below covers every Stevenote we could find, focusing on the “Just One More Thing…” product announcement”!?

  12. Tim Wilson says:

    Intel Switch Vid: http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=

  13. Cpbrown says:

    Video iPods! Surely! that was like the obvious one.

  14. Hamish says:

    great to see all these presentations again – I can’t believe how great the original iPod looked in the presentation and how good it still sounds & looks – love the design – it always gets fab comments when I take it out of the house…a tad heavier then the subsequent models but oh so cool!!
    I used it last about a month ago – 4.5 hours battery life which isn’t too bad considering the workload it had in it’s first few years….and still with the original battery.
    I have ten ipods in all – every new design except the touch – I didn’t really see the need for it at the time (too small a hard drive vs physical size) and couldn’t legally get an iPhone in Australia – not many sleeps to go until I do!!

    “One More Thing” – you guys run a great website

  15. Tom says:

    This list is really, really bad.

    It might be called the “things Jobs introduced that weren’t followed by any other introduction in that particular keynote/event”.

    A “one more thing…” list should be obvious: It should list items announced when preceded by Jobs actually saying, you know, that there is “one more thing…”

    The MacBook Air does not apply, the original iBook does not apply, nor the original iPod, nor OS X, nor a lot of other stuff on the list.

    What’s really funny is that the 17-inch PowerBook is on the list but does NOT belong there, yet the 12-inch PowerBook is not on the list and DOES belong there. (Regarding the latter, Jobs not only said there’s one more thing, he then showed a new slide to say it’s one more _small_ thing.)

  16. Keith says:

    In response to your request above, I’ve just uploaded the “One More Thing” introduction of the iPod Shuffle from January 2005 for you (sorry for the poor quality):


    (Your video from January 2005 is of the Mac Mini, but strictly speaking that wasn’t the “One More Thing” in that Keynote.)

  17. leigh says:

    @JakePT: you’re right, I’m totally wrong, iTunes Movie rentals *IS* a much more significant announcement than the Macbook Air.

  18. Torley says:

    @Leigh: Fun to see this list! I heard of it via Gizmodo. I thought the “NOTHING ANNOUNCED!!!” was a nice touch.

    I also wanted to share some seriously awesome compilation videos of Steve Jobs + Apple. Check ’em out:

    » http://youtube.com/user/rmoise

    Everything from a tour of an early Apple Store to Steve’s catchphrases, compiled across multiple public experiences!

  19. Don says:

    @Leigh McMullen: Are you saying iTS movie rentals are not bigger than the MacBook Air, Leigh? Because if you are, you’re wrong–Apple TV and movie rentals is destined to be a huge business.

    Apple TV rocks.

  20. JakePT says:


    Not necessarily, but it certainly took up more of they keynote (with Apple TV). The whole business of Movie Rentals on the TV with all major studios etc; is a bigger announcement than a new laptop, WOW! A new laptop, how amazing! /sarcasm

    And thanks for responding to all the errors in this fantastic story and fixing them. /sarcasm

  21. Mike says:

    the iphone was not a “one more thing” it was the main thing in 07.
    the macbook air was part of the keynote, not a one more thing (“and thats the 4th thing i eanted to talk to you about”)

    this list is either poorly researched or the one more thing was applied to …everything..almost…

  22. menneke says:

    Please change the heading of this article…

  23. Janus says:

    You forgot the very first “one more thing” in the Second Coming of Jobs!

    MacWorld Expo, January 1998, Steve announced–at the very end of his presentation–that the beleagured Apple had returned to profitability, making $45 million.

  24. Navstar says:

    Yeah, I’m not buying this list. It’s clearly not only “Just One More Thing…”

    You need to re-title it.

  25. Larry Fritzlan says:

    Wow, thank you for this. What fun. Sorry that there are a few grumpy folks to miss the fun here – sorta like an alcoholic parent yelling at their kid for not getting all “A’s.”

    Recovering Grumpy Old Man

  26. chet says:

    Awesome. Great job guys.

  27. Dan says:

    What about the airport announcement

  28. leigh says:

    @Tim Wilson & Keith: Thanks for the videos
    @Janus – Thanks for reminding me.

    The timeline should now reflect these updates.

    @Larry Fritzlan – Thanks for the kind words, and for taking the article in the spirit in which it was intended.

  29. Evil Resident says:

    Very nicely done timeline and presentation, Leigh…and I’m a PC guy! :)

    Kudos, my friend…


  30. Jared says:

    you forgot the “ICEO” One-more-thing announcement.

  31. Aurélien Selle says:

    You forgot AppleExpo 2003, the One More Thing was the bluetooth one button mouse…

  32. AppleFreakiMac says:

    Is everyone here repeating comments or something? i can’t understand the layout of this page or follow any of the mac comments…..

  33. Carlos González-Baqueri says:

    I’ve got the video of the original iMac in Quicktime format in my iDisk.
    This is the link for the video: