Pixelmator, Amazing Image Editor For Mac, Now On Sale For 50% Off



I have always believed that if Apple designed a Photoshop competitor, it would be something like Pixelmator: clean, powerful, and intuitive. While Photoshop will set you back hundreds of dollars, Pixelmator can normally be purchased for only $30 in the Mac App Store.

Not only is price a huge factor, but Pixelmator is also updated more aggressively than Photoshop. For example, Pixelmator looks great on the new MacBook Pro’s amazing Retina display, but Adobe still hasn’t Retina-ized most of its Creative Suite.

The folks who make Pixelmator have announced a special holiday discount. For a limited time, the image editor is being sold for 50% off!

In case you’re bad at math, that means Pixelmator currently costs only $15, which is a crazy deal for such a robust tool.

Pixelmator takes full advantage of the latest Mac technologies, giving you speedy, powerful tools that let you touch up and enhance images, draw or paint, apply gorgeous effects, and just have fun with your pictures. Once your images are ready, access them anywhere with iCloud, send them to iPhoto or Aperture, email, print, or save them to popular image formats, or share them through Facebook, Flickr, and more—all right from Pixelmator.

You can pick up Pixelmator now in the Mac App Store.

Source: Mac App Store

Via: Lifehacker