Would-Be “Goodfella” Arrested For Idiotic Role In $1.5M iPad Mini Heist



An airport worker accused of being an accomplice in a recent robbery at JFK airport that resulted in over $1.5 million worth of iPad minis being stolen has been arrested.

The accused thief, Renel Rene Richardson, was reportedly suspected of being involved with the thef because he had asked suspicious questions of his co-workers in the hours leading up to the robbery, including specific inquiries about the iPad mini shipment and where he could find a forklift.

Richardson was assisted by two accomplices, who have not been caught. He acted as a lookout and let the thieves into the warehouse, while the other two criminals loaded two pallets of iPad minis onto a truck and then drove away.

The robbery made news last week not just because it involved Apple’s hot new mini tablet, but because the robbery occurred in the same warehouse as one of the most famous heists in American history, the 1978 Lufthansa robbery that Martin Scorcese immortalized in his 1987 gangster flick, Goodfellas.

Source: New York Post
Image: NYC Aviation