Turn Your iPad Mini Into A Moleskine With DODOCase



We love DODOCase here at Cult of Mac. They are the finest of a surprising number of purveyors who makes cases that turn your iDevice into a simulacrum of the Moleskine, and now they’re doing the same by selling three new products for the iPad mini.

There’s the classic DODOCase, which starts at $59.95, the DODOCase Hardcover, which starts at $35,94, and the BookBack, which affixes the back of your iPad mini with a Moleskine-like leather and costs just $19.95.

All of Dodocase’s products for the iPad mini are available to buy now. Stay tuned for a Cult of Mac review.

Source: DODOCase

  • oakichbg

    Wait, wait, what??

    What is the difference between DODOCase and DODOCase Hardcover (cheaper)?
    And both of these have Classic and Solid variants, teheck is that?

    Why so complicated DODOCase?

    P.S. (For a comparison of all our iPad Mini cases, click here.) there’s nothing to click on, thanks.

  • iCollectionShop

    And for your UK readers, they’re all available to pre-order now… http://www.icollectionshop.com/collections/dodocase-for-ipad-mini