Sprint: 1.5 Million iPhones Activated Last Quarter



Along with AT&T yesterday, Sprint tosay has announced their third quarter 2012 results, and activated 1.5 million iPhones during that period, 40% of whom are new customers… essentially the same number of new iPhones per quarter Sprint has maintained for the entire year of 2012 to date.

It wasn’t all sunny, though. The company reported a net loss of $767 million for the third quarter against $7.3 billion in revenues.

Source: Sprint

  • ScotHibb

    Yeah, and onlt 1% of them have access to LTE. Since I recieved my iPhone 5 from Sprint I have not yet seen an LTE signal. I get TON MORE 3G than my iPhone 4S, but no LTE. I live in a suburb inthe NYC area, have traveled to Seattle, Chicago, Philly, and NYC since I got my iPhone 5 with no LTE luck. I believe Sprint is blocking LTE for some reason…there’s no way I should have been to the aforementioned major cities and not found an LTE tower yet. And yes, I have LTE enabled…

    I was happy that Sprint took my iPhone 4S and gave me $250 off of my $923 purchase of my iPhone 5…and they did it without looking at it! A week prior I, for the first time since I bought it, dropped it and cracked the hell out of the bottom 30-pin area. lol. Thanks Sprint.

    ALSO – iPhone 5 users, if you didn’t ant to put AppleCare+ on your tab at the time you purchased your phone, Apple changed their policy…you DON’T have to bring it into a store for inspection, you can start AppleCare coverage now over the phone…so if you biffed your iPhone 5 and are pissed, call now and get it replaced!