iBooks Author Gets Major Update To Expend Education Focus Of iPad [iPad mini Event]


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Capitalizing upon 100 million iPads sold in just two and a half years, Apple wants you to know that the iPad is a device that they want to have a huge educational focus.

iBooks Author already makes up 80% of U.S. High School core curriculum, according to Tim Cook. There are 2500 U.S. classrooms that are using iBooks textbooks.

So today iBooks Author has a new version, with embeddable fonts and embedded mathematical expressions for the math set.

Also, publishers can now update their books, just like in the App Store. This will allow publishers to keep kids up to date with the latest and most accurate information.

iBooks Author is just going to continue to be huge in education. The new version will be available in the App Store starting today.

All of this leads to the iPad mini.