Tintin Movie: Co-Directed from New Zealand, Via iChat



Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson is bringing cartoon icon Tintin to life in a movie, calling the shots via iChat.

Jackson was unable to trade his native New Zealand for the California set where flesh and blood actors are filming Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn.

So he told them what to do via iChat.

“Steven was on the set and Peter was in Wellington and he had lots of live links via iChat,” explained English actor Nick Frost, who plays one of the hapless Thomson detectives.

“I’ve never been directed before via iChat, which was an odd and not totally unpleasant way of doing business, just a bit strange.”

“Because of the time difference Peter would stay up all night and tinker and get in the sort of position that he was ready to shoot,” Frost said.

“Peter kind of re-wrote the scripts most evenings because he was in New Zealand, and so you would go in, in the morning with three or four pages of new dialogue and they were like, ‘Shooting this in 30 minutes, so get ready’.”

Also being told how to emote and where to stand via iChat are Daniel Craig, who plays a pirate, and Billy Elliot star Jaime Bell as Tintin.

This is the first of a Tintin trilogy slated to hit theaters in 2011; Jackson will direct the next one solo and team up with Steven Spielberg for the third.

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