This Hilarious SNL Sketch Puts Your iPhone 5 Complaints In Perspective [Video]


It seems like every time we get a new gadget from Apple, we spend the next weeks (and months) complaining about all the little features we think aren’t as good as they should be.

Well, the world has noticed what complainers we all are, and on yesterday evening’s Saturday Night Live, our bemoaning and grumbling was put in the proper perspective.

Thanks: Stephen

  • Jeffrey Campbell

    If only I could see it. Not available for viewing in Australia.

  • Reivax

    Perfect! We’ve become a culture of precious, entitled whiners; and a good humorous scruffing is in order.

  • MrSarcy

    And imagine how bad the guys must feel who are assembling Android phones. No (fake) documentaries for them, so far!

  • kavi

    And imagine how bad the guys must feel who are assembling Android phones. No (fake) documentaries for them, so far!

    may be u should do your home work right! Do u think those are fake? ha ha ha, poor brainless fan of sub par things. Wake up.
    Just think who’s complaining, apple users, right! Then, u’re the loser here…

  • D_Probert

    Ah, you Americans and you’re limited view of the World. Why do you even have an “International” web site when you post stuff that can only be viewed in America.

    Put a Note at the Top of the Article stating that it is only available to those living in the litigious part of the world – or don’t bother – up to you. Lazy, useless Cult of Macdroid.

  • Turtle Heart

    Jeezzzus. Only can be watched in USA. Good job creating USA only content. How very Apple-like of you.

  • Jonathan Ober

    To the complainers about the content being only viewable in America, you do realize that networks have legal obligations for their content, maybe that’s why you can’t see it. Same thing goes for content outside the US that can’t be view in America. There are times when great shows from Australia or Europe can not be viewed here due to copyright, legal holdings, etc. But this video is seriously a reminder of the meme ‘First World Problems’. I am an Apple user and am glad to have the tech in my hands to work everyday at home to feed my family and get by month to month. Sure my month to month probably looks better than most of the world, but if you read this on a computer or smartphone, you’re richer than most people. It’s all about your responsibility with what you have to give back to others. I for one give when I can to others either financially or by opening up rooms in my house to take people in for a few days or months. It’s been something my wife and I feel we can do with helping others. We always have enough food for extra people in case someone comes to our door in need of a meal and it’s been great to bless others with that. Remember with Great Power (money, clothing, food, etc) comes an even greater responsibility.

  • Sean Shamus McCabe

    For all you foreigners getting your panties in a knot you don’t realize that NBC is very strict about it’s content being shared on the web. The link that CultOfMac provided is from the NBC website, not CultOfMac so maybe try bitching to NBC you arrogant bastards. Having said that try searching the web for leaks you idiots, it’s called Google. In fact don’t even bother I did the work for you you lazy fucks and found it in about 5 seconds, it is the entire episode.

  • José Luis Gómez Portillo

    If only I could see it. Not available for viewing in my location !?

  • Django Spaghetti-O’s

    Here’s the youtube one that is watchable: