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Is Finger Cut The Most Stupid iPad App?


One Cut

There are some rather prodigious — nay, daring — affirmations made about the gratuitous ($0.00) iPad / iPod app Finger Cut by its developer, Poland’s Jan Mazurczak: “It’s the most stupid app on the App Store!” he asseverates, appending, “downloaded three million times!” Well it’s certainly cutting edge….

Finger Cut is a somewhat undemanding app conceptually. It amounts to a spinning, loudly buzzing, circular saw set against a dark background, which if you touch sends copious showers of blood hemorrhaging from your fingertip. Or fingertips. To a of grisly strain of slashing and spattering sounds. The saw will lacerate any number of digits you care to dissect at once. And if you invert or shake your iPad, the vivid red exsanguinations cascade helter-skelter across the screen.

Inserting a digit into the gyrating toothed blade is quite a reluctant maneuver. Especially holding it there as the claret surges out. Maybe I just don’t get it.

What do readers think? Is this the stupidest app?

“Hmm… I wonder what’d happen if I put my fingers in that buzzsaw?”