Designer Makes Concept Flash Cards For Hipster Kids [Gallery]


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The kids of the Hipster Generation will have it real easy, brother. They’re going to be taught by their parents about the health benefits of organic food, the sartorial qualities of plaid vests, and of course, product design. So the best way to innoculate the good qualities of the Hipster worldview might be by making them learn it through beautifully designed, old-school flash cards.

And guess what? Apple has a place in the cards.

South African graphic designer Emma Cook seems to think Mac users share the same affinity for their products as they do for Hipster icons such as the fixie bike and the Moleskin notebook. While I think many Mac users share the appreciation of Apple with some of the items on her cards, I think some of them clearly don’t match. For example, I know very few Mac aficionados who slack off work around midday. But this is still a fun concept.




Source: Emma Cook at Behance



  • John Punt

    I love that “K is for blacK.” Most people have no clue about what I’m speaking when talking about CMYK, especially the K. Awesome!

  • mr_bee

    “C is for Crash” is wrong (beachball only means crash about a third of the time), and that’s only the third card. This doesn’t give me confidence or make me want to buy it.

  • Tony Caballero

    If you’re referring to “Q is for Quitting Time” as slacking off, I don’t know anyone who considers 2:15 AM to be the middle of the day, Mac User or not! :-)

  • Sean Liu

    I hope these never get any actual use, because half of them are pretty terrible and unintuitive.

  • Faizyab Khan

    this article is very informative i have also read this one found it good check

  • pod13g

    L is supposed to be ‘Lana Del Rey’.

  • pod13g

    L is supposed to be ‘Lana Del Rey’.