Single-Click Boot Drive Creator Lion DiskMaker Gets OS X Mountain Lion Support


Ensure you've always got a copy of Mountain Lion locally.
Ensure you've always got a copy of Mountain Lion locally.

Shortly after OS X Lion made its debut last year, we told you about a terrific utility called Lion DiskMaker, which creates bootable disks and drives in just one click. The free application just received an update that makes it fully compatible with OS X Mountain Lion.

If you’re planning to make a boot disk after installing Mountain Lion tomorrow — which is when it is expected to get its public debut — then you’ll want to make sure you’ve got Lion DiskMaker on your Mac.

Thankfully, it’s as simple to use as plugging in a USB drive, SD card, or DVD and running the app.

In addition to support for Mountain Lion, this update is now signed with a developer ID so that it isn’t blocked by Mountain Lion’s new GateKeeper feature, and it brings a number of bug fixes. Its developer does warn, however, that “The new icon really sucks.” But don’t let that stop you.

Lion DiskMaker is “donationware,” which means if you use it and you love it — which you will do — you are encouraged to make a donation to the developer. You can do this via the Lion DiskMaker website below.

Source: Lion DiskMaker