News Corp’s ‘The Daily’ May Not Be Around Much Longer


Say goodbye to the world's first iPad-only newspaper.
Say goodbye to the world's first iPad-only newspaper.

News Corp., parent company of The Daily, could very well discontinue the iPad-only newspaper in coming months. According to The New York Observer, The Daily has been losing News Corp. $30 million a year, and the tabloid has been placed “on watch.” News Corp. will supposedly “reassess” The Daily after the presidential election this November.

The Daily was the first mainstream paper to be delivered exclusively on the iPad. Since The Daily was introduced onstage with Apple’s Eddy Cue in 2011, the publication has expanded to the iPhone and Android devices.

When The Daily launched, News Corp. said the publication would need  500,000 subscribers to break even, and numbers have stayed well under that figure. The decision to can The Daily may also come as a repercussion of the failure of News Corp.’s Newscore newswire.

The Daily’s iPad app currently costs $0.99 per week or $39.99 per year in the App Store. The iPhone and Android versions cost considerably less.

While The Daily was never good at making its content shareable across platforms so that potential customers could be drawn into the app, the publication has also suffered from the rise of free news apps like Flipboard.

Source: The New York Observer

  • c_hack

    Too bad. I like reading The Daily more than Flipboard, Zite or News360. It has lots of original and interesting content. Its worth at least 99 cents a week.

  • MacHead84

    People dont want to pay for news. Its as simple as that. One place charges, there are 10 other places willing to give the same story for free. Maybe not as well written but most people care more about the price than the name of the author. The Daily should have been funded by advertisers. Run 30 second commercials between every 5 stories read. People would accept that over charging them for a story.

  • joewaylo

    They’re selling at a loss.
    USA Today sells $14.95 for four weeks. That’s $0.53 a day for newspapers.
    $0.99 a week is far low below the ones doing better business.

  • Dreezy

    I do not mind paying for The Daily, and would even pay a little more for such a good magazine. Their content can be politically biased at times (too much, in fact), but other than that, it is definitely the best magazine available for the iPad: it is smooth, has great content, great photography / graphics, and the commenting system is great. Other magazine developers truly need to take note because no one has a better developed magazine on the iPad. Hopefully their new magazine “The WKND” will help them generate more profit so they can continue both magazines.

  • rockymtnhigh

    While I completely ignore the editorial content on The Daily, I have looked at the paper almost every day for the past 18 months; I love the Apps and Tech section, and it has had a lot of really good feature content. I did not hesitate to renew my scubscription when it was up. Hoping this rumor will not pan out.

  • carlospacheco74

    People don’t want to pay for what they can get for free. Daily newspaper paywalls have yet to be proven as a real money maker. The ones that supposedly make money from online paywalls have been around for ages (ex: wsj) and have the clout and quality that people will pay for. The Daily had no history and no reputation. For myself, Wired is the only magazine/publication I still pay for because I don’t feel like I can get that kind of quality anywhere else. Create good content and people will pay for it.