Review: StandHear iPhone Stand Worth The Price For Headphone Splitter



The latest release into the already crowded market of iPod/iPhone holders is the StandHear Travel Stand & Headphone Splitter from Agent 18.

The compact, fold-out case allows you to support your iPod/iPhone at four different viewing angles, leaving your hands free to do whatever they might need to be doing whilst watching your favorite movie or reviewing por… er, important documents.


The thing that sets the Standhear apart from most other iPod/iPhone stands is the headphone splitter, allowing two people to listen at the same time without splitting one pair of earphones between them. The StandHear has two headphone jacks, one on either side (extra headphones not included).

The StandHear is made of rugged plastic and measures a mere 3″ x 3″ x 0.5″, which makes it ideal for slipping into your jacket pocket when traveling or just chilling out at the local cafe.

Overall, the $24.95 StandHear is slightly more expensive than other iPhone stands on the market, but has the added headphone splitting function should that be one of your needs.

Also compatible with Blackberry Storm & Palm Pre.

[xrr rating=4/5]

Company: Agent18

Model: StandHear Travel Stand & Headphone Splitter

List Price: $24.95

Compatible: All models of iPhone and iPod Touch; all models of iPod; Blackberry Storm & Palm Pre.

Buy Now: The StandHear Travel Stand & Headphone Splitter is available from Amazon for $24.95.