iOS’s Best Podcasting App, Instacast, Gets A Big Update With Loads Of Improvements



The best podcasting app on iOS (alibeit one with a wonky and controversial pricing structure), Instacast has just gotten a huge update making it even better.

With today’s update, Instacast has gotten better interface performance, improving scrolling and reaction times, amongst other things. The settings pane has also gotten an overhaul, allowing you to adjust your subscription and push notification settings, as well as playback options.

Here are some of the other new features:

• Re-added swipe left/right for marking episodes as starred/played
• Added on-screen hints for certain buttons
• Added 30 min setting to Sleep Timer
• Improved auto-activating Continuous Playback
• Added “Delete Download after Played” option
• Added video zoom feature on double-tap
• Re-added the unplayed badges
• Fixed double-tap issues in player
• Fixed multiple issues with feed parser
• Fixed some issues with push notifications

Instacast is a fantastic podcasting app that beats the snot out of iTunes and the built-in Music app, but be warned: though the iPhone version is only $0.99 cents, the real showcase features are hidden behind an optional $0.99 “pro” in-app purchase. There’s also an iPad version, which costs $4.99.

Source: ITunes
Via: App Advice

  • Frank Lowney

    How can you call this a podcasting app?  Clearly, it is a pod catcher — like the iTunes app, no?

  • Tony Pittman

    Anyone using Instacast HD with automatic downloads?  It’s supposed to automatically download podcast episodes, but does not appear to work in the HD version.  iPhone version seems to be working just fine.

  • JohnMichl

    Instacast the best podcatching app? Perhaps in the past but it is antiquated compared to Downcast. Even iCatcher is superior to Instacast. Plus the new screwy pricing model is driving customers to other apps.