Apple Doubles Storage for iPhone, iPod touch



Though many, including me, had looked to this morning as an opportunity for Apple to release upgrade MacBook Pros, Apple pulled a switcheroo and rolled out upgraded iPhones and iPod touches. They’re tricksome, they are!

Unfortunately, the new models – a 16 gig iPhone for and a 32 gig iPod touch – offer nothing more than additional storage and a higher price tag. Each will go for $499. Other than the capacity, they’re identical under the hood. Anyone waiting for 3G data or a GPS chip? You’ll just have to wait. My guess is we’ll see a true second-generation iPhone in June, for the one-year anniversary of the original’s release date.

20 responses to “Apple Doubles Storage for iPhone, iPod touch”

  1. Bill Olson says:

    I’m not so worried about 3G unless it is significantly better than 3G I’ve seen on other phones. As noted, quite often the iPhone’s non wifi wireless (can’t remember what it is called) is just as fast as 3G is on other phone. Not because 3G is bad but the implementation is bad on those phones.

    What I’m more interested in is GPS on the iPhone. But can I wait until it finally arrives (Apple and Steve Jobs have never said it will ever be on the iPhone or not)? All I know is that it will probably happen three months after I buy my iPhone and I’ll just have to only use Google maps near cities and wifi hotspots.

    Why three months? It will too long after I buy mine to take it back and get the update.

  2. iDave says:

    I sure as hell hope so. I’ve got the cash in-hand for the 3G model.

  3. C Rolls says:

    Who is going to pay $500 for a 32 GB iPod? That is really insane.

  4. Scott. says:

    Way too much money… still quite happy with my 80GB Ipod Classic for $250. And yes, I also was looking towards a Macbook Pro update when I saw the store was down, not this! Oh well.

  5. stuart says:

    Who will spend $500 on a 32 GB iPod? Possibly the same people who spent $500 on the 30 GB 3rd gen?

  6. angus Shangus says:

    only 100 dollars more for a mac mini. The touch at 500 is out of its league

  7. phoenix says:

    There was a price bump? Argh, that’s dissapointing. I would think about dropping the money on a 32GB iPod Touch if the price hadn’t gone up. Boo.

  8. C Rolls says:

    Stuart — people were paying that price back in the day when there weren’t that many options and the iPod was still relatively new. It has been 5 years and three generations later and yet Apple is clinging onto this idea like it’s a wonderful idea.

  9. stuart says:

    C Rolls, I don’t disagree. I’m just saying that there ARE people who would pay that much. Maybe some of us are a little more savvy with our iPod money now, but there are people who will look at that. Go worth it, and slap down the cash, not thinking that they are driving for the demand to keep such price points. I’m sure we’ll see the prices come down in time, just like we did on the hard drives. ~$349 for a 160GB player compared to $499 for my 30GB player five years ago…. Times have changed. The flash market changes it all again. It’s strange though, more options, but where are people still spending their money? People are speaking with their dollars and it’s driving iPod sales yet. It could change one day, I expect it to, but right now, it’s still driven

  10. C Rolls says:

    Really — I heard iPod sales were slowing down: