Seagate Buys Data Storage Company LaCie For $186 Million


LaCie's 2big drives let you transfer files over a Thunderbolt connection.
LaCie's 2big drives let you transfer files over a Thunderbolt connection.

Seagate has bought French high-quality digital storage company LaCie for a reported $186 million. LaCie CEO Philippe Spruch will become head of Seagate’s consumer storage products division. LaCie makes Mac-friendly peripherals, and Seagate has been a long-time titan in the data storage business.

In an official statement from Seagate given to Forbes:

“The transaction would combine two highly complementary product and technology portfolios, adding LaCie’s line of premium branded consumer storage solutions, network-attached storage solutions and software offerings to Seagate’s array of mainstream consumer storage products,” Seagate said in a statement. “The combination would accelerate Seagate’s growth strategy in the expanding consumer storage market, particularly in Europe and Japan, and add strong engineering and software development capabilities, as well as relationships with several key retailers.”

LaCie makes some of the only Thunderbolt-enabled hard drives out there, and the company’s design sense is top notch. Nice acquisition, Seagate!

Source: Forbes

  • seaaalex

    “French high-quality digital storage company”

    If by high quality you mean they make nice looking enclosures ….   Now if they only put the same effort into their controllers .
  • Kendall Tawes

    So now I can have my hard drive fail in a much nicer looking enclosure. Every hard drive that I have owned that failed in under one year has been a Seagate. Every hard drive that I’ve owned since the ’90s that has failed has been a Seagate. I see other hard drives fail too obviously but failed Seagates seem to out number any other 9 to 1 though that might have more to do with the fact I find them in Dells than anything else.