Kicking the Tires on Two Nano Kickstands


The Kickster for iPod Nanos from Quirky
The Kickster for iPod Nanos from Quirky

It’s true there is very little new under the sun. However, the way similar ideas are delivered can make all the difference. Take two very similar Nano cases introduced within days of each other. The Kickster ($14.35) from the community-design folks at Quirky is a case in point. Created for the latest generation of iPod Nano’s, the Kickster props up your iPod in either landscape or portrait orientation and can also serve as a great way to take hand-held video.

“Design by committee that actually works? Who’da thought?” mused Gadget Lab.

Now, flash back to Friday and another Nano kickstand case, but with a much different reception. Rather than being seen as useful, the kickBACK n5 from Scosche was seen a a gadget with an absurd name and design.

In order to break through the growing skepticism toward Yet Another Case, designers need to take note of Quirky, selling not only looks, but functionality.

[Via Gadget Lab]