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Caption Contest Winner: Church of Apple!



Thank you for all of your entries (23 in all!), but the winner of our recent Bill Gates retiring contest winner is Church of Apple, who managed to slyly take down all of Microsoft without getting juvenile. Nicely done.

I do have a soft spot for DJ Rizzo’s “The iPhone has nothing on Microsoft’s newest user interface: we call it the ‘multi-clapper.’ Not only can you ‘clap-on’ and ‘clap-off’ but you can also clap ‘ctrl-alt-delete’!” Strong second place. Well done.

4 responses to “Caption Contest Winner: Church of Apple!”

  1. Andrew DK says:

    Thank you very much.
    The clapper one really made me laugh too.
    Good show all around.

  2. David says:

    Thanks for including me.
    I’ve seen Church’s comments on here a lot and always enjoyed them, this winning one included, so it’s very cool to be mentioned with him/her.
    Lot’s of great ideas were posted that made me smile & laugh. I think all Freudians got a kick of of the comments that day!