Scoopertino: Apple to Re-Release Apple II, the Computer Which Started It All [Humor]



Breaking fake news site Scoopertino is reporting that Apple has decided to take a retro approach with their new product offering, a re-release of the venerable Apple II microcomputer. An Apple press release (apparently) notes:

The Apple II gave birth to the computer industry. Now it’s pregnant again — this time with unlimited possibilities.

The “new Apple II” represents a refreshing step back in performance and complexity. A 1MHz processor combines a lack of Ethernet, WiFi and USB ports to prevent any distractions as you run the included recipe manager and electronic checkbook software.

Scoopertino reports:

Apple is leaving nothing to chance with the new Apple II, working with partners to seduce customers with a rich ecosystem. Intel is developing an even slower chip to power a newer new-generation Apple II. Adobe, eager to make peace with Apple, will unveil an all-text version of Photoshop.

With vintage Apple products commanding record prices at auction, it looks like the Mothership wants to get in on some of the action. As Scoopertino also notes:

Where most people see a museum piece, Apple sees a new revenue stream.

The new Apple II ships on May 14th at a starting price of $4995. AppleCare sold separately.

[via Scoopertino]