Mobile Payment Solution Square Updated With Customer Rewards And Hardware Integration


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Popular mobile payment solution Square has received a significant update that adds new features and specialized hardware integration for merchants.

You can set up in-store rewards for regular customers, integrate Square with cash drawers and receipt printers, and work with enhanced software features for transaction and specific customer details.

Square now allows a merchant to offer loyalty rewards for regular customers that use the company’s free Card Case app. Rather than having to use a punch card or other form of tracking a customer’s purchases, Square lets rewards be applied digitally to customers have have opened tabs at a participating location.

Instead of only being able to handle purchases in-app, Square now lets merchants integrate with cash registers and receipt printers. A merchant can tap the new “tender” icon to open and interface with a cash drawer or print receipts. You can learn more about Square’s new hardware integration on its webpage. Receipts can still be sent via email if customers prefer that method of delivery.

Square’s latest revamp adds lots of new features, including single-tap, custom tipping for customers in-app. Merchants can create beautiful and complex sales reports for review.

Thanks to the robust and elegant experience that Square provides, a customer can literally walk into a store or restaurant and never have to even take out an iPhone to pay. Not only does Square make credit cards obsolete, but the app lets customers create a virtual tab with any merchant. The app does all of the work in your pocket.

Square’s only downside is a lack of mass adoption. The service is processing $2 billion in transactions per year, and Square says that it reaches 10% of the Visa/MasterCard market. But there’s still a long way to go before Square can make a real dent in the market it’s trying to penetrate.

If you’ve used Square to purchase something, you probably get why it’s such a great product. It’s a shame that Square hasn’t been given a larger audience to serve. A simple buyout would make all the difference.

We’re looking at you, Apple.

  • karmaisabitch2011

    While square is a nice replacement for a card reader, it still isn’t ready for prime time as a stand alone register. Adding printing helps but there is no way of calculating discounts (I was told to do it manually on paper first by Square) and also there is no barcode scanning ability. Square is great if you have a VERY limited number of items you sell, but nothing for a mass market yet.

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