Bloomberg and DirectTV Launch Live Video Streaming with iPad Apps



Bloomberg and DirectTV have both announced live video streaming services today that offer on-demand video content for iPad users.

Bloomberg TV+ offers free, live 24-hour coverage from its network on the iPad and the ability to download content for watching offline. DirectTV’s iPad app offers free, live TV for its customers.

“Bloomberg Television is a 24-hour global business & financial news network that is watched by the most affluent and influential viewers in the world. It is supported by the world’s largest international news bureau network with 146 bureaus in 72 countries.”

Besides live TV, Bloomberg’s iPad app offers exclusive web content and interviews. You can see all of the important stories from the last 24 hours and many of the network’s critically acclaimed shows. Videos can be downloaded for offline viewing, and you can share content with friends on social networks like Twitter and Facebook. The app’s interface can also be customized to your liking.

Download Bloomberg TV+ for free in the App Store.

DirectTV launched a live TV solution on the iPad today for its satellite TV subscribers. The company’s iPad app has been updated with the following features:

– Quickly scroll through a list of channels available to watch on your iPad with a dedicated “Live TV Streaming” Module.
– Get tips in the help section to guide you through features in the app.
– Set parental controls to block live TV channels viewed on the iPad.
– Change start and end times to add padding to a program when setting a recording.

There are two catches to DirectTV’s new service. The first is that the iPad can only stream live TV when on the same home network as the customer’s DirectTV DVR. The second catch is that there will only be a few dozen channels available for streaming on the iPad initially. Hopefully DirectTV will continue to add channels.

DirectTV customers can download and use the iPad app for free in the App Store.

  • Surfsup34

    Nice integration.  Love to see more and more contents from other publishers.

    A8 –

  • Jeffro the great

    I had the app and it worked just fine. DTV updated it and now it complains that my device is jailbroken (which it is).

    So jailbroken devices need not apply I guess :(

  • jasonS132

     I have heard that there have been a couple of patches put out, but I don’t know if the newest update was before or after the last patch I saw.

  • jasonS132

     Streaming is the next evolution of television, and it will be the next thing you can add to the list of things the smart phone has killed, perhaps the television. Most likely not in this generation, but I Could see it happening in the future as new technology comes into play. Directv has put a lot of work into their app and it shows, I don’t like the limited channels, or the in house streaming limitation, but everything has to start somewhere. I just don’t see the point of streaming limited channels to my iPad in my own house with that large television up on the wall that has all of my channels on it. Sure there are niche uses for it, when kids want to watch cartoons and you want to watch something and for some reason you don’t have a television in their room. Working at DISH for the last year I have seen the entire industry turn to embrace streaming in one form or another, and I sure that as time goes on they will improve the inherent limitations that all the apps have. Until then though, I think my decision to buy a sling adapter is still the best option for streaming. With it hooked up to my DISH receiver I can stream all my live channels and recorded shows to my iPhone, iPad, or Android device no matter where I am giving me true TV everywhere.