A Touching Story About How Apple Earned a New Customer For Life



Apple is known for offering the best customer service in the consumer technology market, and the company scores above its competitors in customer satisfaction surveys every year.

A particular story tells of how an Apple store manager broke a rule during the Steve Jobs’ celebration yesterday to earn a new, 10-year-old customer for life.

Matt tells The Consumerist this touching story:

My daughter has been saving her birthday money and allowance for almost 9 months now so that she could afford an iPod touch with a camera in it.

As of this morning, she had saved the amount needed and headed to the Apple Store in Utah with my wife. They arrived at 10:30am, not realizing that the store would be closed from 11am to 2pm today. As they approached the store, two friendly Apple employees greeted them and said that they were sorry, but they were closed.

My wife pointed to my daughter who had a mason jar full of cash in her arms and explained why they were there and also pointed out that is was not quite 11am yet. They again said they were sorry, but could not let them in. My wife and daughter were sad, but understood and made their way to another store in the mall.

About three stores down, an Apple employee raced after them and explained that the manager was going to make an exception and let them in. When they were let in the store, they were the only customers in the place and every one of the employees stopped what they were doing as my daughter approached the register.

As she took all of the cash out of the mason jar, one employee stepped forward and said, “I don’t mean to bother you, but I have to tell you that this made my day.”

After the transaction had been made and my daughter and wife were on their way out, the store manager raised his voice and said to all of the employees, “Everyone, please give [redacted] a round of applause for saving her money and buying an iPod today.”

My daughter was caught a little off guard by all of the attention and waved goodbye, then called me with the story.

Nice work Apple!


Now that’s something Steve would be proud of.


    That’s nice, yeah. A spoiled 9 year old getting an iPod, awesome. Why would they let her in. That’s disrespectful to Steve.

  • Donnieantony


  • JXChain

    get a life, troll.

  • Ventirius

    Spoiled? She saved 9 month for that. She earned that thing!

  • S Watkins

    Whatever. She wasn’t spoiled – she worked hard and earned all of the money herself, and saved it in a jar until she had earned enough. And it’s not disrespectful to Steve. It’s precisely what he would’ve wanted done, because he loved his company and its products and the ways that they enhanced other people’s lives. The manager knew it would be more disrespectful to his memory to turn the girl away. Too bad you didn’t realize the same before you posted that.

  • Dave

    Probably because it was 10:30, and it’s not like they started the celebration yet.

  • Paul Urmston

    You just don’t get it, do you?

  • John Smith

    Arrived at 10:30, store closing at 11 but not allowed in?!?!?!?!  whatever…sorry, but there are tons of other awesome service people out there working in all kinds of stores.  Customer for life because they allowed you in during a time that it wasn’t suppose to be closed, but then decide to let you in…stupid story, sorry

  • OccupyWallStreet

    They made her feel special you twat. Thats why she’s a customer for life. 

  • ADimensionOfMind

    Nice : )

  • cadsii

    seriously STFU, how about they provide customer service like you can’t find anywhere else….

    in todays age all people care about is give me your money and get the fuck out…. its nice to see some companies who still care, most importantly employees who still care… 

    show me a story like this when you were buying your sony tv, or car, or whatever… this is only a $200 product, but the memory will last forever in the 10 year old’s thought

  • aga

    Saved up for it, special dispensation to get in the store (even if only 10:30, they still need to clear store before 11:00), positive comments from staff, your daughter is going to love using that precious iPod Alex. And how nice she is NOT spoiled and it just bought for her. She is gonna treasure it!

  • Jmagana88

    I don’t know about them having the best customer service… I made an appointment with an Apple Genius about 2 weeks ago and I got better than average treatment… no smile or anything. I was expecting truly exceptional service… they did help me out and stuff but It just didn’t feel right. Maybe it had to do with the fact that I made the appointment the day after Steve Jobs’ passing.

  • Abed Barakat

    how could she be spoiled when he said she had been saving money for 9 months? you stupid jerk.

  • Jdsonice

    Yea and that is why I buy my electronics at an Apple store. The best customer service anywhere in the world. My niece got her first iPhone and the sales guy spent 3 hours with us making sure that everything was setup right and the phone got activated and gave her a one on one lesson. We are customers for life.

  • Hondamaker

    <sigh> I agree. There are idiots everywhere. A very nice story.</sigh>

  • cadsii

    exactly and no ones does that anymore, in this niche

  • Guest

    She is 9 and you think like a 9 year old. The world goes on.

  • Steven Chaffer

    Sweet story! Thanks for sharing!…

  • Horcheta

    What’s disrespectful to us, is your lack of intelligence…

  • Gary


    Maybe that is the reason we see lines outside Apple Store waiting to buy iPhone whereas the AT&T store a few stores down has no line.

    People just love the Apple Store experience.

  • skippykawakami

    How on earth is this girl “spoiled”? She saved her money, steadfastly abstaining from all the impulsive buying her allowance could have afforded in order to achieve a personal goal she set for herself. Then, when told she’d have to wait, delay that gratification even further, she didn’t throw a fit or yell or anything, just accepted what they said and resolved to wait a little longer. 

    That’s spoiled? Jeez, even I don’t have as much willpower and grace as this 10-year-old girl (that’s sobering for me personally, but nonetheless, I’m impressed by her).

    OTOH, I suppose you were joking. If so, please disregard. But if not, please reconsider your judgmental values.

  • MichaelAhlers

    Now, if she had put all that cash in savings…

  • MichaelAhlers

    Now, if she had put all that cash in savings…

  • Marcus Schoen

    My brother and I spent an entire summer working at the local University and saved up to get a 32gig Ipad 2 and case. Just proves that saving over a long time to get something makes it all the more special. Im sure some of you here can relate with your 1st Apple product.

  • Mark Thompson

    I can’t believe someone liked this comment…. You sir are a douche bag.

  • scubus

    Having spent time working for one of the premier customer service organizations out there I can tell you that the way it is done is this – if a store has to be cleared by a certain time, say 11, the guests inside the store are never asked to leave but the store “closes” to new guests way early to assure that nobody has to be kicked out.

    It is a normal procedure and assures that nobody has to be rushed out of the store.

  • scubus

    How do you get spoiled out of this story?

  • Marydemian

    She would have missed on somethings that would inspire her along her journey! may be Steve’s commencement address !

  • lordofthefobs

    now, if she had put all that cash in apple stocks…

  • stevewoz

    My wife and I went by the Covent Garden Apple Store here in London but we were blocked from entry, despite being Apple employees. Hooray for helping the young girl. Rules can be tight but there should be a little wiggle room.

  • Daryl Tan

    This is a great story and I’m glad the young girl received that attention. As a parent myself, I can imagine it would’ve been a beautiful day. 

    My Apple store experience is the complete opposite. Trying to buy a Macbook Air was a frustrating exercise that put me off Apple store completely! I walked in at 10:30 (Apple Store Perth, Australia) thinking I’d avoid the lunchtime rush. The store was already extremely busy and I spent some time walking around the store looking for a sales assistant. I finally found a young man near the front door and asked him if he was free to help me out. He said he wasn’t, but he was just standing there playing with his phone. So I said “Right, you do look busy” and walked away. He followed me and explained that his job was to simply point me to the right person to assist me. Fair enough, so I proceeded to explain that I wanted to order an 11″ MBA, 128GB HDD with 4GB RAM, upgraded to an i7 CPU. The Apple website states that this is a website only BTO option, but I had read on forums that some stores stock them anyway. So I asked whether this store might possibly stock them or could order it for me. He said no and my only option was to purchase the top of the range i7 model which was several hundred dollars more. I wasn’t confident that he knew what he was talking about, and walked away. The next day I went to a local Apple reseller. I was immediately served. The sales assistant understood what I was after and within minutes, had processed my order and gave me 8% off without me even asking. I was stunned that it was so easy and such a pleasant experience. Perhaps I’m a cynic, but would I have received better service if I was a cute 10 yr old girl with $1500 in coins in a jar? I was really looking forward to my first major purchase at the Apple Store, but instead had my time wasted. To me, the Apple Store succeeds at many things – but instead of being my first option it is now my third or fourth option at best. 

  • Doron

    worst experience in the apple store melrose south africa they swear, they rude, they don’t know what they doing and they waste your time(very unprofessional) !! went back there 4 times because they kept making me fix it at home! 1 visit to the sandton city store and they polite they know what they doing and they fixed the problem (and they don’t swear and make it a nice experience) :)

  • Gary

    I think you might want to email your experience to Apple headquarter to give them a chance to fix it.

  • SF

    I went for a Genius Bar appointment yesterday . . . got there 5min late, just 10min before the store was about to close for the Steve Jobs memorial, so at the front I was told that they might not manage to fit me in. At the Genius Bar I got excellent service from a great Genius who said that though they were closing the store to new people coming in I had no need to worry as it was an hour before the store was actually going to close, so they had ample time to work on my problem . . . which is what they did, very professionally . . . it involved getting an updated item of software free of charge (which is one I would normally have had to pay for . . . at a previous Genius Bar visit I was given a new free battery for my MacBook Pro after the Genius found my old one was “bent” . . . which was not the problem I went there for at all). I have never had such good after-sales (and LONG after-sales, and no, I do not have Apple Care on my current machine) service from any large corporation and plan to stick with Apple products (have been sticking with them the for last 25 years already) because of this kind of service – and the products too, of course

  • Applepissedemoff

    They aren’t always that great. Try to exchange an iPhone (unopened) for another model that you happened to buy from their web store and they’ll tell you to stick it in your a**.

  • dale2000

    Really? REALLY?  I don’t even think the Jerk Store would treat a paying customer that badly.  

    I gotta say, there’s something fishy about your story.  Why would you exchange an iPhone for another model from their webstore?  You wanted a white one, instead?  And why is it important that it was from their webstore?

    PS: You spelt ‘me’ wrong.

  • CharliK

    The website said online only so in fact you wasted your own time going to the store instead of just ordering it. Folks are forums are hardly to never correct. They miss reading a detail and give you a bad answer or simply have no clue. 

    And I’m betting that the reseller had to order the computer for you

  • Optimus141

    that because you can’t return online orders in store, due to the fact its different inventory, it goes for any product

  • iKai

    This story is very touching

  • Michael

    who pays you for that kind of bullsh.t

  • Sebil16

    ehm, they didnt let them in half an hour before lunch break…

  • baby_Twitty

    Hi Steve Wozniak!!! How are you enjoying your new iPhone 4S ???

  • Alberto

    it would make a better story if they gave the girl the money back and a free ipod

  • HerbalEd

    Besides being the correct thing to do, there’s a very good reason to treat customers well and give top-notch service …. and that’s good SALES & PROFITS!! The secret to good business is “win/win.”

  • Nutz320

    Just expanded your profile and how can you have 71 comments and 1270 likes? Holy Guacamole!

  • vTruong

    They should’ve given her a gift card for the app store.

  • Nikki R.D. Strømsnes

    Because he is Woz, that is why. ;)

  • Mywindow

    And another cult member is born :(

  • Captain0bvious

    Customer Satisfaction my ASS. After getting ripped of from what u get paying a hefty amount of money a underpowered product. Scammers of the first order

  • StriderWhite

    Yeah, yeah, a very touching story! Touching like the iPod Touch, you know…Frankly speaking I think that all the applause for purchasing something is a giant BS!