Scenes From The iPhone 4S Launch In San Francisco [Gallery]



Flowers for Steve. Last week, there was a huge memorial for Steve with Post-It notes, flowers and candles. Today, a week later, there’s just this one bouquet.

The line when I arrived at 6:30AM.

The Apple employees prepping for the madness.

Some couldn’t contain their excitement.

A nice fellow I met in line who unwillingly agreed to pose with the official Cultofmac mascot, the iPhone 4s. He wanted a Sprint iPhone 4S in black, but had to settle for a white one when all the black ones ran out.

A cute couple in line who wanted the iPhone 4S because of the camera. When you look this great, who needs a good camera?

These Verizon protesters are protesting the carrier’s treatment of its staff, who are fighting wages and benefits cuts. Meanhile, Verizon just made record profits and awarded $258 million in compensation to its top five executives.

  • mikeburgener

    i pre-ordered my 4s and got it on thursday.  amazing phone.  siri is my new bff!!!

  • Misfit1723

    I think you meant postagram is free today. Interlacer still costs $0.99