Official Apple Adapter Lets You Charge Your iPhone Through Micro USB


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A couple years ago, the European Union looked at all of the hundreds of proprietary gadget chargers out there and said, “Enough. Let’s just agree on a standard so if I forget my charger, I can use one of my friends’ instead.”

A good idea, right? The EU decided upon the Micro USB standard as the one that all mobile manufacturers should use. But here’s where it all gets sort of goofy, because the EU then said that companies could still use proprietary chargers, as long as they sold adapters for the Micro USB standard.

Which is what explains Apple’s latest iPhone accessory, The iPhone Micro USB Adapter, which costs just eight quid over at Apple’s UK online store. Apple gets to play nice with EU regulators while still maintaining its closed, multi-billion dollar ecosystem of accessories that depend on an Apple Dock Connector.

  • Spkchem

    Great, more iCrap to carry around in my backpack.

  • Gastogne

    Not true. The EU decided to force companies to use micro USB to prevent unnecessary cable’s, so you could use your old one and companies didn’t need to make a new one for every device. Environmental decision. 

  • Alex

    Wow 8 GBP / $12.-  for a part that probably cost less then $1 to make in China. I already have european power adapter because I work over there so often. But I don’t see this in my future.

  • Hampus

    I wonder if they’ll start shipping the device with a Micro-USB cable and one of these adapters in EU…

  • Hampus

    You sure? Because every device will still come with a cable when you buy it so it’s not like any fewer cables would be made…

  • AriRomano

    i wonder if you can sync via micro USB cable as well.

  • DAvid

    Yes you can. I can sync using the micro usb of my Mophe Juice Pack.