Wall Street Hates The iPhone 4S, AAPL Stock Dips



9to5Mac points us towards the 5% dip in share price of AAPL stock since the iPhone 4S was debuted. Sure, it’ll probably rebound, but investors aren’t happy about having to wait 16 months for a mere speedbump of a phone. What about you?

  • Uriel Sanchez

    Say whatever you want…. but Apple will never be the same without Steve Jobs. I fear people will loose confidence in Apple, especially after todays conference. A lot of unhappy investors and customers. This does not look good for Apple. Android has plethora of new devices coming out every year and Apple only has 1. As powerful as the A5 chip is the end user will only see the Bigger 4.3″ screen VS a smaller 3.5″ screen. To them it looks just like the 16 month old iPhone 4… Its not like used to be back when the 3GS came out the competition is getting better and Apple really needed to stay ahead but It sure doesn’t seem like they are doing it. 

  • Bob

    this was just as much steves idea as much as anyone else’s……there is no need for an iphone 5 yet….in a year there will be and it will blow our minds…..i will upgrade from the 4 for siri and the 64 gb option….

  • Joseffy

    I AM SO PISSED!!! I am an investor and I sold my iPhone 4 to get the iPhone 5, and everything is just going hazy….I don’t feel well.

  • aramishero

    I dont see any problem. New iphone 4S is good enough for compete with Dual Core smartphone out there. New device with many design but same useless OS and apps doesnt make a new android phone look great. Customers just confuse and headache to choose. Apple maintain great outlook design and improved all inside for better.

  • coqlr

    This article is complete nonsense.  Apple finished for the day at – 0.56% which is completely nothing (http://www.google.com/finance?….  Just because you took a screen capture when it was down 4.78% doesn’t mean you should make misleading posts like this with assumptions about what all investors are thinking.  I wish people like you cared about posting real information instead of crap like this just to get attention.

  • Lanewe

    Siri kids… NOT a small thing.

  • Atienne

    sorry but this announcement sucked big hairy elephant balls. no iPhone 5 and the one very cool thing won’t run on the 4. new people may buy it, but most of us will wait until there is a 5.

  • Figurative

    The stupid levels of unachievable hype is due to the rabid blogosphere.  Link bait.  That’s all that matters.  No real journalism, just BS nonsense that is design to feed the beast. Apple released an excellent follow-up product with amazing features – and NOT a mere speed bump.  In any normal world without the incessant hype and conjecture – all would have been warmly received.  At this point, I have to wonder if Apple’s detractors and competitors weren’t complicit in all of the hype and speculation.  Certainly, Apple had nothing to do with it – but if you read the posts here you would think Apple just kicked their dog.  Hmmmphf.  If anything, all this just turns me off from these so-called Mac news sites. 

  • SulaymanF

    Misleading headline. Apple’s stock ALWAYS dips after an announcement. Been that way for over a decade.

  • CharliK

    two details to note:
    1. the entire stock market is dipping at the moment

    2. the price always dips during a keynote as folks figure out they aren’t getting all the stuff they were ‘promised’ in the rumors. 

    It always bounces back and likely will this time

  • CharliK

    you will wait to see if the “5” as rumored ever happens. But then again there’s always a Windlasher screaming he’ll wait or he’ll run off to some other device. 

    Meanwhile a few thousand folks line up for what you call trash. 

  • CharliK

    you sold your phone based on rumor. Apple is not to blame that you acted like a moron. 

  • John Lehmkuhl

    I’m not a happy camper at all. I’ve suffered for 1.5 years with an underpowered Android HTC Eris. Love the potential, but it’s a horrible phone (everything takes forever to process and do). So I’m in a market and the newer Androids with their larger screens are very appealing. 4G is even more critical (I’m grandfathered into Verizon with an unlimited plan forever). I’m actually leaning more towards another try with a better working android phone than the smaller screen same old same old interface of the iPhone….. very unhappy and I understand why Wall Street is equally not happy…. not a good first outing for the new CEO, imo.

  • Willie

    Good for you. Enjoy!

  • CharliK

    1. All this stuff was designed, tested and build while Steve was still CEO and had the final vote. Cast from his ‘death bed’ perhaps but still cast. 

    2. 5% during a general dip isn’t really that much of a sign of ‘unhappy investors’, when it has dropped 50% while the market is holding steady we can talk

    3. you have zero proof of unhappy customers. Unhappy technogeeks dumb enough to believe the rumors and whine about it on the blogs sure. But unhappy customers, you can’t prove that until launch day when no one shows up to buy. Which likely won’t happen. In fact, Apple will probably set yet another record, selling in the first day what they sold in the first weekend last time, blah blah. 

  • Mike Petty

    What kind of asshole sells Apple shares on the day of a new product announcement? No wonder the economy’s so fucked.

  • Carlos Rincon Eckardt

    Such assholes, what they’d expect? an iPhone 5 with a chassis made of adamantium and cover glass forged from unicorn tears? powered by stark industries arc reactor technology? variable opacity see thru retina display? and holographic projector? Im spite of it being a mere rehash of the current iPhone 4 this 4S takes more than one Android handset to the cleaners!

  • haineux

    There’s an old Wall Street proverb: “Buy on rumor, sell on news.” Most of the time, it works every time. In this case, looks like it worked. 

  • aardman

    No, Wall Street doesn’t hate the iPhone 4S.  The knee-jerk emotion driven investors do and they’re getting burned for it.  The stock closed at 372.50 so these morons who sold at 356 got what they deserved.

    Basically, people are disappointed because the form factor is unchanged.  Talk about shallow.  And those who are disappointed that there’s no 4G would be the same people who would complain that the battery life is ridiculous with 4G turned on.

  • Papito

    What is the big deal about Siri???????? I don’t get it.

  • Atienne

    look troll boy. i never said it was trash, or that no one would buy it. they will. i said that those who have bought a 4 in recent months but not recent enough to return it will probably wait for the next iteration. this was not a fantastic enough phone to run out and trade up.