New BBC Beta Website Takes Cues From iPlayer App



Here in the UK, the BBC has released a beta version of a redesigned website, and what’s striking about it is how much it owes to the Beeb’s iPlayer app for iPad.

Here’s the current BBC home page:

BBC current design

And here’s the iPad app:

BBC iPlayer on iPad

The new web beta copies the large photo tiles and horizontal swiping. I wonder, though: will something that works so well on a touchscreen device translate well into web pages, where most people are still using keyboards and mice rather than fingertips?

The success of iOS and the apps that live there is far-reaching. We’ve already seen some elements of iOS creeping into OS X, and here we’re seeing the same thing moving on to the web.

  • waggle

    And yet it still uses flash for the video content

  • dannypolicarpo

    I personally don’t see the point of this re-design beta or not, they only revamped it what seems like a few years back now. I have only just got used to how i want the layout and colours to look.

    This beta as mentioned above seems to take a lot of ui cues from the BBBC iPlayer iPad app and does seem very tablet friendly, almost too tablet friendly for my liking.