Your Friends Can Now Facebook You Through Skype For Mac



As part of their much ballyhooed deal with Facebook from a couple of months back, Skype has just rolled out a new version of their worse-by-the-point-release VoIP client for Mac… and what do you know, the new v5.4 beta brings Facebook support to the mix!

Depending on exactly how entangled you are in Zuckerberg’s viscous social afterbirth, that might be appealing to you. But less appealing, no doubt? Ads!

Yup, the updated Skype for Mac app not only supports Facebook Chat conversations within the Skype software, together with comment and Like support, but users without credit on their accounts will be forced to see occasional ads on the home tab, generated using “non-personally identifiable” demographic data like gender, location and age.

Meanwhile, many of us are still happily sitting at the last good Skype for Mac version, 2.8. Are you one of them?

  • EasyOSX

    Facebook: Generally positive
    Ads: negative

  • caminantestelar

    the last version of skype suck, both in my imac with lion and my macbook air with snow leopard. it crashes every half of hour or so

  • carlosnvelez

    No problems with Skype 5.3 on my Lion MBP. Facebook? Not keen in this idea. 

  • Chris Killen

    I’m almost taken aback by Alex’s exciting exchange of dialogue between his friend. Remarkable. Oh…what is “Face-book”?

  • CWN

    Where can I get Skype version 2.8? I miss it!

  • prisoner_zero

    Oh hi. “Facebook” isn’t a verb.


  • EmmaMitch5576116165107

    Facebook: Generally positive
    Ads: negative

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  • Bob